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About Us
About Firebird Gamefarm
Firebird Game Farm is home to Mr. Leandro “Biboy” Enriquez’ famous game birds. It is a vast 19.7 – hectare property situated in the mountainous province of Tanay, Rizal 54 km. from center of Metro Manila passing through Antipolo City. It produces approximately 2,500 stags and 1,200 pullets every year.

Biboy recalls his earliest experience with chickens: “My first experience with chickens happened when I was nine years old. No one in my family took up the sport but the chickens my mother kept for her catering business were often a source of curiosity. I would often separate the kingly ones and make them fight with each other. By the time I was eleven, I already owned a “Talisain”, he recalled. “It was finally brought to a local cockpit and won my first win ever. Then in my teens, I started a bit of backyard breeding and taking weekend trips to La Loma cockpit mainly out of interest.”

In the year 1969, with what started out as hobby, he produced 50 to 60 birds that eventually increased in number annually. He decided to transfer to a one hectare vacated piggery property, which belonged to his parents in 1971. There he raised over a hundred stags. In the late 70's when his production increased to 200 each year, he moved to a bigger farm that he used to lease in Antipolo, there he stayed for more than 14 years before transferring to his present farm in Tanay.

The farm is open to public and a subject of admiration not only by local aficionados but international cockers as well. Known American breeders from Alabama, Oklahoma, Louisiana and California have nice words to say whenever they visit the farm. The last couple of years have been busy for breeding. Biboy has decided to concentrate on developing and propagating top quality firebird bloodlines to compete in big-time cockfighting, not just for his benefit, but for other cockers as well. Yes, since last year, he has been sharing his prized game birds to those who are seriously into the game.

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About Firebird Gamefarm Logo
Firebird Game and Design The FIREBIRD GAMEFARM AND DESIGN logo is composed of two fighting cocks forming a synergic circle depicting the nature of the business which focuses on the breeding,raising and conditioning of world-class game fowls.

About the Illustrations
The TWO FIGHTING FOWLS represents the challenges in life that we face and
overcome each day, it’s a symbolic cycle of winning and losing and how we struggle and battle to be on top which is what FIREBIRD GAMEFARM and DESIGN is all
about; fighting, winning and succeeding.

About the Colors
RED and BLUE are colors of great power and strength. Red is the color of life and victory while Blue is the color of intelligence and stability, representing the kind of
fighting cocks FIREBIRD GAMEFARM and DESIGN markets.


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