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First Name: MIA
Last Name: WOODS

Monday, 11 March 2019 8:31 AM 
Let me tell you about my experience. I was ASSAULTED BY TWO LECTURERS which made me fail courses. I could not risk doing what they asked because that is “RAPE”. IS IT AN OFFENSE TO HAVE A LOVELY SKIN AND CURVES? But who am I to start a movement against such evil men. I summoned courage to find help and was referred to AFONKA PETROV. He gave me total confidence again by running a safe and untraceable penetration after giving him the 'U R L' and login details which took some days (roughly 5days) in cracking the database. TBH, I was so skeptical + scared during the process but here it is, I graduated passing every course. Please, Let no lecturers frustrate your life.
Mailto: AFONKAPETROV@TUTANOTA.COM for INSTITUTION/COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY GRADE CHANGE, TRANSCRIPT CHANGE. For my security, I didn’t make this post with my personal identity. I don’t want trails.


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