Firebird Gamefarm of Biboy Enriquez
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For inquiries/orders on available bloodlines, please call or text our
new farm assistant LunE at 0917-5264230.
White Kelso (6-8months)
Package Class A Class AB Class B
Trio Php 70,000 Php 42,000 Php 28,000
Broodstag Php 30,000 Php 18,000 Php 12,000
Pullet Php 20,000 Php 12,000 Php 8,000
Red Kelso (6-8months)
Red Kelso Class A Class AB Class B
Trio Php 55,000 Php 35,000 Php 24,000
Broodstag Php 25,000 Php 15,000 Php 10,000
Pullet Php 15,000 Php 10,000 Php 7,000
Pair Php 40,000 Php 25,000 Php 17,000
Other Bloodlines (6-8months)
Bulik/ Dom, Super Sweater, Dan Gray Lacy Roundhead, Lemon, Mclean Hatch, Yellow Leg Hatch, Regular Grey, Dink Fair 5k.
Kelso Class A Class AB Class B
Trio Php 40,000 Php 22,000 Php 15,000
Broodstag Php 20,000 Php 10,000 Php 6,000
Pullet Php 10,000 Php 6,000 Php 4,000
Pair Php 30,000 Php 16,000 Php 10,000
Two way crosses PULLET Php 8,000.00 with Kelso bloodline, Red crosses Php 6,000.00. Two way crosses
STAG Unbanded Php 7,000.00 with Kelso bloodline, Red crosses Php 6,000.00. Banded STAG Php 8,000
with Kelso bloodline, Banded Red crosses Php 7,000.00.
First, take the National Road of Antipolo, which is heading to Teresa and then to Morong. Next, upon reaching a T-road, go left towards Pililia, Laguna.Continue straight ahead via the Provincial Road until reaching Km. 54 of Tanay, Rizal. After that, turn left on Pantay Road, which is the 1st corner of Km 54. Then, go straight up 2 Km of concrete road followed by 800 m of paved rough road. Lastly, turn right upon seeing a concrete Meralco post with the Firebird signage.

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